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A total of 66 African women, who formed focus groups to carry out a Participatory Action Research in collaboration with the University of Oxford and the Oxford City Council. This research brought out the voices of the African community on the important issue of FGM legislation and education in the UK and it also led to the formation of the WOW space, in response to the research findings of the need of a 'Safe Space' for the women to discuss, learn and grow. The findings of this research were presented to the community in October 2017 and published in a Public Health Journal. (The prevention of female genital mutilation in England: what can be done? E Plugge, S Adam, L El Hindi, J Gitau, N Shodunke ... Journal of Public Health, fdy128, Published: 

The Ambassador 

The Ambassador is a product of the collaboration of AFIUK and Stop the Traffik. Kate Evans says "This book identifies the importance of everyone working together. For some communities, it has been difficult to develop strong links between them and the organizations that should be there to protect and help them, because of a mutual lack of trust and understanding. Empowering women from within these communities and giving them skills to help each other and to link with helping agencies is an inspirational way forward"

This is a group of women from different communities and faiths. They are a voice for women and girls in their communities to help to ensure that their needs are understood.

The book invites the professionals to start with a focus on what’s strong in the communities and support and empower women to make them stronger.

Tailored Trainings offered:
  • Cultural Awareness Course
  • Community Ambassador Course
  • Cross Cultural Parenting Training
  • Open Dialogue Workshop
  • Youth Culture
The Work of a Servant Leader' by Steve Mostyn

BOMA Cross-Cultural Parenting Training

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"When you have to parent in a culture in which you were not parented yourself"

The aims of this training are to:

1. Help you understand the main social differences between the culture of your new country and your country of origin.

2. Help you to understand the legal and social framework governing child welfare and family relationships in the UK.

3. Help you to understand the Schooling system and how to have effective communication with your children's school(s).

4. Give you information on support agencies that exist to support you and your children.

If you are interesting in booking a place, please email and we will add you onto our next available class.

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