Who We Are

Please Help Us in Our Mission to Support African Families by Donating or Volunteering Your Time

Our Vision

The vision of AFiUK is to equip African and other ethnic minority families in the UK to take their rightful place as fruitful members of our society, and to make the most of the available opportunities in their adopted country without adversely affecting the strong family and community networks that Africans are known for.


To be the one-stop place for families of African and other ethnic minority origin, resident in the UK, seeking advice or information, on matters relating to parenting, children’s education and any family-friendly activities that enrich family life.

To offer consultation and expert knowledge to professionals and practitioners from Local Authorities and other family support agencies.


  • Helping to set up and run children’s clubs focused on various interests, as indicated by parents and their children 
  • Helping to set up self-help parenting groups
  • Offering parenting training on pertinent subjects such as cross-cultural parenting, and effective parenting at the different ages and stages of family life
  • Training volunteers for befriending 
  • Setting up teams to run parallel children's programmes at community events such as church functions, school cultural days, community celebrations & National days, or conferences.
  • Linking with other agencies such as Health, Social Services and Education to provide tailored training and information seminars to families
  • Facilitating open dialogue workshops between practitioners and users of public services
  • Running cultural awareness workshops for practitioners of public services